The application of agrochemicals often involves mixing products to expand control capabilities, optimize resource utilization, and enhance application efficiency. In this blog article, we'll explore the key elements necessary for successful mixing in agricultural practices.
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Water quality plays a pivotal role in agricultural applications, impacting crop health and yield. An often overlooked aspect of this process is the pH level of the water solution used for spraying crops. In this article, we'll delve into the importance of buffer power in improving water quality for agricultural purposes.

Ricardo Yapur, CEO of Rizobacter

Using inoculants in soybeans can generate world savings of US$37 billion per year in operating costs and losses caused by the environmental impact caused by the use of chemical products, points out a study by Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation).
Ricardo Yapur

Combined company creates an innovation leader in sustainable agricultural solutions with global reach and resources.
Interview: Bioherbicides are the “holy grail” within biologicals

Sanjiv Rana talks with Rizobacter’s Business Development & Portfolio Manager (International Division), Guido M Ramirez Caceres, to discuss the company’s plans for biologicals.

Rizobacter has already captured 23 per cent of the global market for soybean inoculants and it ranks
among the world’s top five producers of biological inputs.
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The company leads the inoculant market in South Africa and commercializes its products in other eight countries. It has consolidated its presence in the region through alliances with key players to reach growers and to open new markets.

BIOLOGICAL NUTRITION BOARD - Martín Díaz-Zorita – FA UNLPam (School of Agronomy, National University of La Pampa)